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    • 13 MAR 16

    Antibullying Awareness – Supporting Our Local Community

    Being part of Oakville, all of us here at Oak Hill Orthodontics have a huge heart for this community and its youth. To help kick off pink shirt day and Anti-bullying awareness this past February, we had the opportunity to sponsor internationally known guest speaker Tad Malmine, to come to Oakville and share his story

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    • 07 FEB 16

    At what Age should I Bring my Child to see an Orthodontist?

    The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children have their first orthodontic consultation preferably by the age of 7. Why at the age of 7 you might ask? Well by age 7, your child would have already started to lose some of their baby teeth, and some of the adult teeth are starting to or

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    • 07 JAN 16

    A Healthy Start to the New Year

    For many of us the beginning of the year starts with a list of new years resolutions. For quite a few of us, the major one on the list is to make a change in our activity levels by joining a gym or getting involved in a sports activity. When our activity levels increase we

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    • 26 FEB 15

    What Are The Warning Signs Of Jaw Misalignment?

    It is fairly difficult for most people to detect jaw misalignment by merely staring at the mirror. Misalignment is a lot more discreet from the perspective of a naked eye compared to a conspicuous overbite. However, even if you are more or less cognizant that your jaw and your teeth do not look 100% right,

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