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    • 13 MAY 17


    If you’ve visited an Orthodontist and they’ve determined you will need treatment to correct your teeth, there’s no doubt you’ll have questions.  The first question you will probably have is “How much will Orthodontic treatment cost?, as well as, wondering what your payment options are.  In this blog  post, we will provide you with the

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    • 23 FEB 17

    Invisalign Teen® – Could Your Teen Benefit?

      Invisalign Teen® With Invisalign Teen® you don’t have to use metal braces in order to get the smile you’ve always wanted and It’s a great alternative to traditional braces. Gone are the days of worrying about the discomfort of wires and brackets getting in the way of playing sports or a musical instrument. With

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    • 07 JAN 16

    A Healthy Start to the New Year

    For many of us the beginning of the year starts with a list of new years resolutions. For quite a few of us, the major one on the list is to make a change in our activity levels by joining a gym or getting involved in a sports activity. When our activity levels increase we

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    • 26 FEB 15

    What Are The Warning Signs Of Jaw Misalignment?

    It is fairly difficult for most people to detect jaw misalignment by merely staring at the mirror. Misalignment is a lot more discreet from the perspective of a naked eye compared to a conspicuous overbite. However, even if you are more or less cognizant that your jaw and your teeth do not look 100% right,

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