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Common problems in the mouth that may require treatment:

1. CROWDING – When there isn’t enough room for all your teeth to fit within your jaw.

2. OPEN BITE – When the upper teeth and lower teeth don’t touch when you bite down.

3. SPACING – When there is space between your teeth, which could be a tooth size problem, a jaw size discrepancy or simply because the teeth are pushed forward.

4. ANTERIOR CROSSBITE – When an upper front tooth sits behind a bottom front tooth when you bite down.

5. POSTERIOR CROSSBITE – When an upper back tooth sits on the inside of the lower teeth when you bite down.

6. OVERJET– When the upper teeth are pushed out or proclined in comparison to the lower teeth or there is insufficient growth of the lower jaw.

7. DEEP BITE – When the upper teeth cover the facial surface of the lower teeth when you bite down.

8. UNDERBITE – When the lower jaw is more forward than the upper jaw when you bite down.